pout Care Brand Story

Imagine a world of fantasy and adventure. Of princesses and knights, of witches and fairies, of pirates and sea creatures. That’s what our children would imagine.

Now, imagine children’s hair & body care and think about a quality brand that is safe for our children to use. A range that is natural yet effective, and free from harmful ingredients. And of course, it would contain fine organic plant extracts that help nourish and protect our child’s hair from the harsh environment.

pout Care Range brings your imagination to life.

Designed specifically for children’s hair and skin needs, pout Care Range is formulated with natural ingredients and fortified with organic plant extracts to gently nourish and cleanse. We also recognise that so-important fun factor – each pout product has poems of adventure and fantasy to indulge your child’s imagination during bath times.
With natural ingredients, delightful fruity scents and fascinating characters to discover, pout Care Range is fun, gentle and safe for all children. Children’s hair and body care has never looked so good!

Why pout Care?

We understand children’s hair.
Beginning as a child-specialty hair salon and then as a distributor of quality hair brands, we eat, sleep and breathe shampoos everyday. That means we know all about what children like and dislike, and what ingredients are good and bad for their tender skin.

So we poured all that knowledge into designing the pout Care Range for Children. We envisioned it to have a high natural content, fortified with organic plant extracts. We also wanted it to be fun for our children to use, so that they can look forward to bath times, making it easier for parents!

We use ingredients that are safe and effective for your child.
We chose Australia for its high standards of manufacturing and its emphasis on sustaining the environment. Children have sensitive skin and scalp, so we ensure that pout’s gentle formulations are suitable for children of all ages. We use natural ingredients without any harmful sulphates and parabens to clean and hydrate. We also add a variety of organic plant and flower extracts, such as Alfafa, Sage and Rosemary, to help enrich and strengthen children’s hair. Every product is formulated and tested in an ISO certified laboratory, with no animal products or testing. You can thus be assured that the pout Care Range is safe for your child and for the environment.

We know what makes your child tick.
To help fire up your child’s imagination, we’ve designed it so that pout Care bottles form a colourful carousel. Collect all the product bottles and create a carousel by putting them together in a circle. Each product features a fun poem describing the adventures of the character associated with the product. Join the knight in his quest to slay a dragon, or help the witch to fly. With delightful fruit-based scents such as blueberry, apple and peach, keeping your child entertained during bath times has never been easier!

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