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“Apart from the natural scent and coloring, I found the product to be gentle yet effective. It’s a no foam formula but I was so surprised at how well it cleanses my back and ears, which are the oiliest part of my body. And the best part is, I didn’t have to use a lot for each wash. To test how gentle the product is, I even tried it on my face and was happy that it did not leave my face starving for hydration. The scent is natural but not overpowering and even my son who is particular about smell had no problems using it.”

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Viva Woman
Singapore beauty blogger



“When it comes to choosing the right skincare products for our little ones, at Sassy Mama we always sway towards products that are natural, free of the bad stuff, and nurturing to our children’s delicate skin — after all, we want to keep their bodies as healthy as possible! So when we were introduced to the eco.kid line of certified organic products for kids 3 to 12 years, we knew you would be just as excited as we were!”

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Sassy Mama
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“So here is the result of a couple of sprays (eco.kid Daily Tonic Leave-in Conditioner) on Bubbles' regular bed head. Note that I did not comb or brush her hair after I put on the conditioner. I simply ran my fingers through her hair, and smoothed it down a little when my hands! Not bad, huh? Even Bubbles was impressed when I showed her these photos!”


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A Dollop of Me
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Singapore’s parenting and lifestyle blogger, Lyn of Lil Blue Bottle, tried eco.kid products and loved it!

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