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TRISWIM is active in our local swimming and water sports community and has sponsored various events such as: 
  • Chinese Swimming Club Junior Invitational 2018
  • APS Swim School Novice Meet 2018
  • Swim Jam 2018 Swish Swimming School
  • Singapore Island Country Club Junior Swim Meet and Invitational Championships 2018
  • Ocean Paradise Swim Carnival 2018


TRISWIM in USA and Europe sponsors numerous events both local and international. These include Ironman, Steelman Challenge, USMS Swim Meet and Open Water Swim.

If you would like to request for TRISWIM sponsorship for your event, please send details of your event to email.


TRISWIM Brand Ambassador Programme is currently closed.

TRISWIM Brand Ambassador

Are you actively involved in water sports and frequently turn to TRISWIM for your hair and body care needs? Can't leave home without TRISWIM? Or do you just love TRISWIM for its scent and feel?

Then we're looking for you!  

Be a TRISWIM Brand Ambassador

Our TRISWIM Brand Ambassador programme is now back for 2017 and we are seeking individuals who will be able to share about TRISWIM with their friends and family. Or to basically anyone who will listen! In return, the TRISWIM Brand Ambassador can look forward to free TRISWIM products, as well as exclusive offers and privileges. 

Details of the TRISWIM Brand Ambassador Programme

- Between 5 - 99 years of age
- Be involved in any pool water or sea water sports 

The TRISWIM Brand Ambassador can enjoy:
- Sponsorship of TRISWIM products worth more than $100
- TRISWIM sachets to give away to your friends and family
- Exclusive offers and privileges
- Exclusive features on our Facebook page, website and eDM

To apply for the programme:
Simply write in with a photo of yourself, and tell us in just a few lines, why you want to be a TRISWIM Brand Ambassador.  We'll contact you if you are successful.


Find out more about each of our TRISWIM Brand Ambassadors here.




Meghan Faulkenberry


"TRISWIM is perfect for any post swim shower. The shampoo and conditioner have kept my hair healthy despite me swimming five to six times per week. I use the lotion after every swim, and I don't have issues with dry or irritated skin. However, I know when I haven't used it!" 
Meghan Faulkenberry
Bruckner Chase
"My favorite training ground is the ocean, but the pool is a necessary alternative when the local waters literally freeze over. The toll that pool chemicals and even saltwater take on my hair and skin is brutal. When I am not in the water I am usually in front of an audience speaking, coaching or teaching, and I appreciate the fact that pictures and videos show my ocean stories rather than my skin and hair."
Bruckner Chase
Professional Triathlete



"I usually do not moisturise my skin unless it’s really exposed to dry air or prolonged chlorine exposure, but since this came in the package I tried it out and I have to say it did help me sooth my dry itchy, sunburnt skin while I was in Maldives. I felt the consistency of this product was rather thick and needed a good rubbing, it felt like thick goo (think Gu Gel) at first but it easily spread over the skin without having to rub it. Again I have to say the scent is not over powering and it will just leave you feeling relax after your day."

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Isaac Loo
Singapore Sports Blogger, Runner, Triathlete



“This is good, more water like than body wash/gel, it helped me to get rid of the dreadful chlorine smell and harsh chemical feel on my body (the one where your skin is dry to the touch) after coming out of the pool and toweling dry.”

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Sheryl Goh
Singapore Fitness & Health Blogger


“….once my hair had dried I noticed it was much less dry and frizzy compared to how it was pre-shower. My curls (I have VERY curly hair) were actually noticeably more defined than they previously were. I washed my hair with it twice over the weekend and when I arrived to work on Monday, my colleagues actually commented that my hair looked better and shinier even.”

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Singapore Travel & Lifestyle Blog



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