Circle of Friends Pia's Pineapple Detangler 10oz

Pineapple fragrance detangler recommended for hair types
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Recommended for hair types
- Quick and easy solution to maintain hair manageability
- Excellent on wet or dry hair 
- Leaves hair static-free
- Increases curl resiliency, manageability and shine
- Helps prevent brittleness and breakage
- Rich in Panthenol to moisturize, nourish and give sheen


About Pia

Selamat pagi (she-la-maht PAH-gee)! My name is Pia and there are over 500 different languages spoken in my country! I live on one of 17,000 islands in the largest archipelago, or string of islands, in the world! The islands stretch over 700,000 square miles from the Indian to the Pacific Ocean. My family grows rice in flooded fields called sawah. Our house is on stilts so it won't get flooded, too! Rice is a member of the grass family, and is important in the diet of my country. I live with my Ma and Bapa, and my sisters Halijah and Kamaria. We help in the rice fields, planting the seedlings. Each year, we do two plantings. Do you know where I live?

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