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“I found that my children's hair did not have that over-chlorinated dry feeling to it after their swims with this product (Kylie's Pre-swim Conditioner). I like it, and if they keep up with regular swimming like that do now, I will definitely be purchasing this product when it runs out!”

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“I especially liked the after-swim leave on conditioner. My girl tends to have really dry and tangled hair but after lathering on the conditioner, her hair is all soft and silky! (Yes, yes, I stole it for my hair too *laughs*).”


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“I love that Circle of Friends offers more than the standard shampoo and body wash that many children's brands stop at.  Not only do the have Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Detangler, Hair Spray and so much more, they offer multiple fabulous scent choices for each product as well. That is very rare in my experience.”

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